008 Find Your Escape

find your escape, declutter for change, declutter to elevate

Finding your escape is easier than you think.

What do you do to clear out your mental and emotional clutter?

Do you go for a run/ walk?




Or are you like me and enjoy cleaning your external physical environment in order to clean your internal environment? There is no wrong way. This is finding something that you do in order to be “in the right now” so the subconscious stuff can come into your conscious mind in order for you to heal, or act upon to move forward in life.

Don’t forget to have a pen and paper handy

When you’re doing something physical to bring the subconscious to your consciousness, you’re going to want to write down the ideas/ thoughts/ feelings that come through. Just write them down at first. When you’re done your workout, cleaning, your walk, etc. you can revisit the paper and start to understand what needs to happen next.

Small, simple steps, but great results.

Episode Timestamps

[1:57] It allowed me, personally, to process a lot of the emotional and mental clutter that I had during those times.

[4:44] Something might come up.

[8:08] Whatever your escape is, whatever your outlet is for you to process things, do that.

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