028 The Spectrum of Change – Why There’s No Set Schedule

the spectrum of change

We’re all in this, together. Today, we’re diving into a topic that hits everyone – change.

Between work, family, and maybe even caring for aging parents, life can feel like a whirlwind. And sometimes, in the midst of it all, you crave a shift. Maybe you’re fantasizing about a new career path, a healthier lifestyle, or simply a more organized home environment. But here’s the thing: change doesn’t always show up with a neat and tidy timeline attached.

The pressure of the perfect transformation

The idea of waking up one day a completely new person is pretty appealing. Maybe you envision yourself finally conquering that fear of public speaking, shedding unwanted pounds, or launching your dream business with a single click. These overnight success stories are everywhere, from motivational quotes to reality TV shows.

We live in a world obsessed with instant results. We want the quick fix, the overnight transformation. Social media bombards us with images of effortless success stories, making it feel like change should happen in the blink of an eye – that new business launch in a day, the rock-hard abs in a week, that viral video or post. It’s enough to make you feel like you’re falling behind. But here’s the truth: those stories are often the exception, not the rule. Real change, the kind that sticks long-term, is rarely instantaneous. Change comes in all shapes and sizes, and the timeline for that change can be just as diverse.

Change is a spectrum, not a one-size-fits-all 

Change can also be dramatic, like a sudden death in the family that propels you toward a new direction. It can be a life-altering event that forces you to re-evaluate your priorities, your relationships, and even your career path. These experiences can be incredibly difficult, but they can also be a catalyst for immense growth. Maybe you find yourself drawn to helping others after a loss, leading you to pursue a career in social work or grief counselling. Perhaps you realize life is too short to stay in a job that doesn’t fulfill you, inspiring you to finally take the leap and start your own online business.

Change can also be subtle like a seed quietly germinating underground before blossoming into a vibrant flower.  It can be the gradual shift in your perspective as you learn a new skill, the growing confidence you gain with each step you take towards a healthier lifestyle, or the deepening of a relationship as you invest more time and energy into it. These subtle changes might not be as dramatic, but they are equally important. They are the building blocks that shape who you become and the life you create for yourself and those around you.

The key takeaway is that there’s no single “right” way to experience change.  It can be a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, a slow and steady climb, or a combination of both.  Some changes are planned, like starting a new fitness routine. Others, like a sudden illness, are completely out of your control. What matters most is how you approach these experiences.

Reflecting on your own change

Here are some thoughts and questions to ask yourself as you navigate your own journey of change:

Do I resist change and cling to the familiar, even if it’s no longer serving me?

Do I embrace the uncertainty and see change as an opportunity for my growth and transformation?

What are some examples of change in my life, both slow and sudden? What challenges and/or successes have I encountered?

What are my current goals for life? For my business? What small, actionable steps can I take to move forward today?

What support systems do I have in place? I need to surround myself with people who will encourage and support me on my journey.

The choice is yours. 

By acknowledging the spectrum of change and learning to navigate it with grace and resilience, you can unlock the incredible potential that lies within each transformation, big or small.

The key to navigating change effectively

The key to navigating change effectively is to embrace its unpredictable nature. Let go of the rigid timeline and the pressure to achieve instant results. 

I can totally relate. I used to be a bit of a control freak. I meticulously planned my days down to 15-minute blocks and I hated surprises. I almost missed my own 30th birthday party because of this. But then, life threw me a curveball – I needed to self-rep for family court. It forced me to slow down, re-evaluate my priorities, put my online business on hold, and embrace the unexpected. And if today me was to tell the 2019 version of me all the events that transpired, I’d think she was nuts and she may need to go into a psych ward. It wasn’t easy, but it ultimately led me to a more balanced and fulfilling life, and of course, to bringing Declutter for CHANGE back online again!

Let’s talk about some real-life examples for you.

Maybe you used to dream of bringing your business online, but life got busy with kids. Now, your kids are getting older and you have a little more freedom on the horizon, that entrepreneurial spark might be reigniting. Or perhaps you used to be a social butterfly, but lately, you crave more quiet time and find yourself prioritizing self-care. Maybe you finally tackled that cluttered space you’d been avoiding for years. Or maybe, just maybe, you learned to set healthy boundaries with a partner, friend or family member. These are all valid changes, and they’re all part of that amazing journey we call life.

The importance of community

Change can be a solitary experience at times, but it doesn’t have to be. Surround yourself with positive, supportive people who believe in you and your goals. This could be a friend, family member, therapist, or even an online community of like-minded individuals. Having a support system can make a world of difference when you’re facing challenges or navigating setbacks. There are so many amazing business owners out there navigating their own journeys of transformation. 

That’s why I created the Declutter for CHANGE community – a space where you can connect with like-minded business owners, share your experiences, and find support. We’ve got resources to help you declutter your MIND | BODY | SOUL | HOME, set achievable goals, and navigate the process of change, however it unfolds for you.

Tips to navigate your change

Here are some tips to help you with your own personal transformation:

  • Know your destination: What do you ultimately want to achieve? Having a clear vision, even if it’s a little blurry around the edges, can guide your efforts and help you celebrate progress.
  • Start small, celebrate big: Don’t overwhelm yourself with drastic changes. Break down your big goals into bite-sized chunks. Celebrate each accomplishment, no matter how small, to keep yourself motivated. All these changes, big or small, deserve a celebration! Remember the feeling of accomplishment after finally decluttering that area you’ve wanted to for so long? Or the sense of relief after establishing those healthy boundaries? Those moments, are proof that you’re capable of incredible things.
  • Be flexible: Change can throw unexpected curveballs. Be open to adjusting your approach as needed. There’s no shame in tweaking your plan along the way.
  • Embrace the chaos: Change can feel bumpy sometimes, like driving on a road with unexpected potholes! There will be moments when things don’t go according to plan, and you might feel a little lost or frustrated or even want to give up. That’s perfectly normal! Instead of getting discouraged, try to embrace the unexpected. Remember, some of the best discoveries happen when we step outside our comfort zones and learn to navigate the unexpected turns life throws our way. So take a deep breath, roll with the punches, and enjoy the ride!
  • Give yourself grace: There will be setbacks and moments of doubt. Be kind to yourself, learn from the experience, and keep moving forward.

The Power of Patience

Change is a journey, not a destination. It takes time, dedication, and a healthy dose of patience. Trust the process, focus on continuous growth, and celebrate the unique path that unfolds for you. Remember, even the seemingly insignificant steps are contributing to your amazing transformation. And if you’re looking to accelerate your transformational journey, stay tuned to Friday’s episode this week, I’m bringing back something that I’ve missed over the years,…..I’ll give you a hint, B-Y-O-C. If you know, you know. If you don’t know, stay tuned, they’re coming back……but bringing it back bigger, better, and more transformational! 

Embrace the change, not the deadline

Let’s declutter the expectation of a set schedule for change. Change is a personal experience, and the timeline for your transformation will be uniquely yours. Embrace the journey, celebrate the small wins, and trust that even the seemingly insignificant steps are contributing to your growth. Remember, change is a beautiful and necessary part of life. It allows you to grow, learn, and evolve into the best versions of yourselves.

You’re not alone in this. 

Episode Timestamps

[1:43] Change comes in all shapes and sizes.

[2:53] There is no single right way to experience change.

[7:05] You’re capable of incredible things.

[8:01] Change is a journey, not a destination.

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